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Michael Wardian Running Across America

This week, Bryce talks to Michael Wardian! Michael is an elite ultra-marathon runner and endurance athlete. He holds the world record for the fastest time to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. He recently ran across the US in 60 days to raise money for World Vision.

“Running doesn’t care who you are or like or your abilities or limitations. It’s like you either do the work and get the time or you don’t.”

Michael Wardian Timeline

(01:28): Passion for running a marathon 
(04:10): Balancing career and family life 
(06:08): Route 50 run experience
(09:17): Best food and diet for runners
(21:53): How to survive life with less than optimal sleep
(23:50): Michael Wardian: Background, childhood, and his passion for marathon
(28:41): How did you become an ultra-marathoner? 
(36:23): How to improve pacing and run fast 
(42:07): Failure makes you a better person 
(44:33): Learning how to say “YES” to opportunities
(56:16): Best training options for runners
(1:12:11): 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days
(1:19:29): What made you become a vegetarian? 
(1:21:46): Recovery protocols to improve performance 
(1:25:59): How did you find CrossFit? 
(1:29:25): Skills acquired in CrossFit
(1:30:59): Upcoming events for Michael Wardian 


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