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Michael Brandt HVMN CEO

This week, Bryce sits down with Michael Brandt! Michael is the Co-Founder and CEO of HVMN.  Health Via Modern Nutrition (HVMN)  launched the world’s first ketone drink in 2017 and then in 2022  H.V.M.N. launched v2 of their ketone product line, called Ketone-IQ. With Ketone-IQ they reduced the cost by 2/3rds and significantly improved the taste. Along with HVMN, Michael is an avid triathlete and holds a 2:42 personal record for the marathon.

“Morning energy rise and taking ketone IQ and starting your day with elevated ketones, which you probably already have from overnight fasting.”

Michael Brandt Timeline

(01:29): How to have an analytical mindset in life
(04:25): The business mindset of Shoe Dog
(07:20): How does HVMN – Health Via Modern Nutrition start?
(15:03): Business secrets
(16:40): Business innovations
(22:51): “Create new things that capture the spirit of the past”
(27:57): What is the ketogenic diet?
(38:23): Reasons behind Ketone-IQ invention
(42:21): Gluconeogenesis on a ketogenic diet
(44:47): Ketone-IQ: Uses and benefits
(49:08): What is glycogen sparing?
(51:27): “The first thing you want is a customer”
(58:22): Creating new things
(1:00:33): How to grow your own prestige


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