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Mat Fraser 5x CrossFit Games Champion

This week, Bryce talks to Mat Fraser! Mat is known as the fittest in history with his record-setting 5 CrossFit Games titles. Bryce and Mat peel back the curtain on Mat’s mindset and give a gentle glimpse into the innovative strategies that have made him arguably the best ever. The episode is full of special stories and behind-the-scenes moments that make this episode one you won’t want to miss.

Mat Fraser Timeline

(02:13): Seeking the right direction
(08:08): Entrepreneurial success
(17:41): Surrounding yourself with the right people
(21:46): “Hard work pays off”
(26:43): Good work ethic
(33:43): Effective communication for coaching
(39:07):  Experiences in injuries
(45:32): Discovering success amidst sufferings
(51:49): CrossFit Games Journey
(59:31): Coaching experiences
(01:07:33): Winnings secrets of an athlete
(01:17:27): Rubber band theory
(01:29:23): Coaching career
(1:34:13): Progress not perfection
(01:39:12): Leadership changes in CrossFit


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