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Marcus Filly Functional Bodybuilding

This week, Bryce talks to Marcus Filly! We welcome Marcus back for his second time on the show. He is the founder of Functional Bodybuilding and a former CrossFit Games athlete. Bryce and Marcus discuss what goes into mixing functional fitness and bodybuilding to allow athletes to train for longevity and sustainability.

Marcus Filly Timeline

(02:18): CrossFit Games experiences
(12:52): Functional Bodybuilding program
(19:47): What is social currency?
(27:38): How to deal with body shaming
(32:53): Functional Bodybuilding: Mission, characteristics, and program design
(35:26): Traditional program design
(39:49): How to scale your coaching business
(46:44): What does World Class mean?
(48:34): Choosing your coaching styles
(52:59): Healthcare industry vs. fitness coaching industry
(58:05): Three (3) tips to improve your health


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