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Lauren Kalil CrossFit Storytelling 

This week, Bryce talks to Lauren Kalil! Lauren is a CrossFit commentator and podcast host with Talking Elite Fitness. She has helped to share the stories from some of the biggest names in the sport of CrossFit.  Make sure to tune in throughout the CrossFit season to Talking Elite Fitness for updates and news on all things CrossFit.

“Finding people who you can have a healthy disagreement with and everybody just leaves the conversation with more knowledge.”

Lauren Kalil Timeline

(03:58): “Your gut knows” 
(12:45): Identifying your skills 
(14:31): Stop regretting your decisions
(17:58): Finding a career that makes you happy 
(27:54): Building deeper connections with others
(30:46): What can you learn from healthy disagreements? 
(34:33): “What is the percentage of time that you are the smartest person in the room?”
(39:47): How to become a good public speaker
(43:38): Embrace imperfection 
(48:56): Facilitating uncomfortable topics but necessary topics
(53:22): How to refrain from creating clickbait content online 
(01:00:3): Impact of honest and impactful headlines 
(01:06:02): CrossFit growth and development
(01:13:40): Sports growth and sponsorship
(01:23:58): “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”
(01:32:5): CrossFit Games predictions 
(01:40:35): Takeaways for listeners


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