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Kiefer Lammi 1% Better Every day

This week, Bryce talks to Kiefer Lammi! He is a CrossFit coach, podcast host, LSDK brand ambassador, and a proud member of “team too tall”. We are so excited to share Kiefer’s approach to coaching and how he is constantly searching for ways to bring the best out of his athletes.

“Training for CrossFit as a sport requires that you have some degree of a long-term plan, some version of periodization, whatever that means to you, or whatever your philosophy is on that sort of thing.”

Kiefer Lammi Timeline

(03:17): CrossFit Sports vs. NBA 
(06:16): Basketball journey 
(11:36): Qualities of successful people
(18:26): What made CrossFit unique? 
(22:31): Finding your 1%
(23:53): Sports monetization 
(29:23): The use of social media for athletes
(32:57): Social media advancement
(35:12): Saying “yes” to opportunities
(45:17): CrossFit for health vs. CrossFit for sports  
(48:28): How to make an effective training program
(54:53): Taking risks in life 
(59:16): How to start building your business 
(1:03:46): Why you should value your coach
(1:10:28): Having a solid coach-athlete relationship
(1:15:19): Growth and development of CrossFit Sports
(1:17:24): Wodapalooza 2023


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