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Joel Seedman Advanced Human Performance

On the Invictus Mindset Podcast this week, Bryce talks with Joel Seedman, the founder of Advanced Human Performance. Joel shares his scientific approach to training and how he looks to find the optimal point of equilibrium. He works with professional athletes from all levels including top NFL players, Jadeveon Clowney, Taylor Heinicke, and Younghoe Koo.

Joel Seedman Timeline

(05:46): How did Joel get into Strength and Conditioning? 
(20:13): Training Methodology
(38:40): Mobility, Yoga, and Other Exercise Varieties
(48:03): Joel’s Perspective on Fitness Industry
(53:43): How to Measure Progress
(1:03:38): Terminologies Around 90 Degree Principle
(1:21:13): Muscle Activation
(1:28:47): Possibility
(1:32:56): Individual Differences and Anthropometrics
(1:39:56): Toe Out vs Toe Facing Forward in Squatting
(1:53:29): Creating Buy-In With Athletes

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