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Joel Seedman Optimizing Biomechanics

This week, Bryce talks to Joel Seedman. He is the founder of Advanced Human Performance and works closely with a variety of professional athletes. Joel’s program focuses on optimizing biomechanics while minimizing pain to help his athletes reach their full potential. Advanced Human Performance works with many professional athletes such as NFL players, Patrick Peterson, Jedeveon Clowney, and Taylor Heinike.

Joel Seedman Timeline

(03:09): Managing top-caliber athletes in the gym
(05:50): Athletes’ recovery treatment
(10:00): What is the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)?
(17:56): Educating people on multiple platforms
(24:11): Understanding pain
(29:41): Optimizing biomechanics while minimizing pain
(40:26): Implementing the “Eyes Closed Process”
(43:44): Importance of listening to your clients
(54:16): Preventative healthcare vs. reactive healthcare
(57:14): Traditional training session
(01:00:45): Ideal time for traditional sessions


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