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Jason Daniel LSKD Founder

This week, Bryce talks to Jason Daniel! Jason is the founder and CEO of the rapidly growing clothing brand LSKD. Their mission at LSKD is to inspire you to ‘chase the vibe’ through sports, fitness and adventure. Jason has developed a unique style to their brand by blending sportswear and streetwear to create products that allow you a wide range of versatility in your everyday life.

Jason Daniel Podcast Timeline

(01:46): LSKD Mission: To inspire you to ‘chase the vibe’ through sports, fitness, and adventure
(11:52): Building your brand’s value
(18:08): How to transform your relationship with failure
(22:07): Journey to building a successful business in the sportswear industry
(28:13): How to hire your employees and value them
(34:12): How to create company core values
(40:36): “Enjoy the journey”
(50:12): Tips to grow your business
(57:42): What does “Sweep the Shed” mean?
(1:02:53): LSKD: How do they build and market the product?
(1:07:05): How to build your company goals
(1:10:13): Investment management
(1:16:36): Ideas for transforming a small business global
(1:23:17): Create a community


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