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Ian Mitchell Wizard Sciences

This week, Bryce sits down with Ian Mitchell! Ian is an inventor, scientist, biochemist, and founder of Wizard Sciences. At Wizard Sciences they work to develop groundbreaking supplements to help with brain function, anti-aging, and performance optimization. Ian has a wide array of milestones, including working with NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes to help optimize performance through his research and supplements to support human potential.

“The best science that we have now is going to seem laughable 1000 years from now.”

Ian Mitchell Timeline

(02:43): “Safety third”
(04:26): Six things to solve: Aging, cancer, clean water, global warming, free energy, and superluminal travel
(06:58): Environmental stresses
(14:50): Carbon60: Origin, uses, and benefits
(19:34): Cancer research and result
(21:08): 93% longer lifespan
(25:00): The life journey of Ian Mitchell
(34:35): Why do you need to test science?
(37:32): A good scientist pushes the boundaries
(45:56): “There’s no penalty for having the wrong answer”
(55:11): What does meditation mean to you?
(1:08:31): Learn something new


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Bradley Oliver
Bradley Oliver
January 8, 2023 12:03 pm

That simply blew my mind! What unique problems Ion is dealing. I listened to this podcast two timed!!