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This week, Bryce talks to Gabby Reece! Gabby is a fitness icon, model, and athlete with a passion for helping people reach their maximum potential. She is the co-founder of XPT and host of the wildly popular Gabby Reece Show. We dive into some of her practices for success, with the number one overall rule of staying CONSISTENT with the steps to achieve your goals.

Gabby Reece Timeline

(01:39): Moving is challenging
(20:53): Keeping your mind open
(23:41): Nurturing your humanity in sports
(31:44): How to stop creating more problems for yourself
(33:37): Parenting tips
(3:02): Acquired knowledge from podcasting
(47:09): Should you believe everything that is conducted by studies?
(51:20): How to create your plan in different seasons
(57:46): Why do you need relationships in your life?
(1:01:29): Importance of having a healthy relationship with your partner
(1:07:01): Effective parenting skills
(1:19:30): Training during pregnancy and postpartum training
(1:26:33): The secret formula for doing a successful business
(1:33:20):  How do you want to live your life?


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