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Dr. Jason Phan LIVV Natural 

On the Invictus Mindset Podcast this week, Bryce talks with Dr. Jason Phan. Jason is a Regenerative Doctor and CEO of LIVV Natural. He shares about his practice LIVV Natural and how they are using PRP therapy to improve the lives of his patients. The four pillars of health, Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, and Hydration, are woven throughout the conversion. Use the links below to check out our sponsors and to learn more about LIVV Natural.

Jason Phan Timeline 

(03:47): Spreading Knowledge about Health and Wellness
(05:23): Four Pillars of Health: Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, and Hydration
(11:48): Tips for Meditation and Achieving Optimal Sleep Hygiene
(17:16): Balance Between Certainty and Uncertainty
(21:33): Negative Impact of Technologies
(30:31): Integration of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy
(38:19): What is Stem Cells Treatment and How does it Work?
(43:41): IV Treatment Vs. Oral Supplements: Absorption Process and Benefits
(53:19): Significance of Conventional Medicine
(1:01:08): Important Advice and Tips from a Doctor

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