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Dr. Andy Galpin Hypertrophy Science

This week, Bryce sits down with Dr. Andy Galpin! Andy is a  Professor of Kinesiology at California State University Fullerton, and an expert in the world of sports science and the application of methods to increase strength, hypertrophy, and endurance performance.  Bryce and Andy work to discuss fitness trends and create actionable advice that will lead to top-performance results.

Dr. Andy Galpin Timeline

(01:55): Understanding the “It depends” concept
(08:56): Why do you need to understand science?
(11:15): “There’s no perfect study”
(16:34): Absolute rest: Comprehensive and advanced sleep assessment
(23:50): Negative effect of using sleeping pills
(29:22): Reputations associated with titles
(33:56): “You should not think more sore means more results”
(38:23: How to improve your nutrition
(41:46): What is a Blood Glucose Monitor?
(44:32): Marketing manipulation
(47:49): Dexa scan: Validity, usage, and how it works
(50:06): Why do women recover faster than men?
(52:20): How does breathing help you mitigate stress?


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