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Dawn Fletcher Driven Mind Training

This week, Bryce talks to Dawn Fletcher!  Dawn founded Driven Mind Training and is a  mindset coach for many high-performing athletes.  She shares her passion for adventure and what has led to her success coaching mindset in the fitness world.

“Confidence is not the absence of doubt, confidence is the response to doubt.”

Dawn Fletcher Timeline

(12:40): Showing up intentionally
(22:00): How to stay positive in life,
(24:22): “We are all chasing meaning”
(31:46): Mindset Coaching: Structure, processes, and procedures
(35:24): Importance of values, (44:05): How to coach an athlete who transitions out of sports
(53:11): “Have a plan, plan to adapt”, (58:21): Importance of storytelling in communication
(1:03:28): How to be a good communicator
(1:09:32): How to create a safe space in coaching
(1:13:01): Overcoming uncomfortable situations
(1:15:19): What is cold therapy?
(1:20:21): Top 3 plunges in 2022
(1:23:52): What is confidence?


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