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Dave Newman CEO of RX Smart Gear

This week, Bryce talks to Dave Newman! Dave is the founder and CEO of RX Smart Gear. Throughout this episode, he shares his entrepreneurial spirit and the ethos of RX Smart Gear. Bryce and Dave discuss coaching athletes and how to motivate people to work out in today’s society. RX Smart Gear was one of the original sponsors of the Mindset Podcast and we are very grateful for Dave’s support throughout 2022.

Dave Newman Timeline

(01:37): How did RX Smart Gear start?
(07:24): “What made you become an entrepreneur?”
(23:24:) Operating business during a pandemic
(2:47): CrossFit ownership
(41:59): Discovering your human potential
(52:54): Avoiding injury during workouts
(59:52): RX Smart Gear’s purpose
(1:21:18): Motivating people to workout
(1:31:13): Useful workout variations
(1:42:54): Promoting your brand through sports
(1:47:28): Building relationships with people
(2:02:52): Rx Smart Gear’s goals


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