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Dave Lipson Hypertrophy Training

This week, Bryce talks to Dave Lipson!  Dave is the founder of ThundrBro training and a competitive bodybuilder. He has been a leader in the fitness and CrossFit space for years now with his hypertrophy training routine.

“When you work with your hands, you’re a laborer. When you work with your hands and your mind, you’re a craftsman. But when you combine the hands with the mind and the heart, you’re an artist.”

Dave Lipson Podcast Timeline

(00:00): Introduction
(02:34): How to find your passion in life 
(04:29): “Compliance is the science”
( 07:48): Dave Lipson: Life and experiences
(14:04): How to overcome challenges
(17:32): “Time is limited”
(21:19): How did you join CrossFit?
(31:08): Overcoming injuries 
(33:15): CrossFit HQ vs. CrossFit gyms 
(37:23): Setting goals vs. putting emphasis on whiteboard scores
(42:21): What is bodybuilding? 
(47:34): How to determine the quality of muscle contraction 
(50:19): Why do coaches need to show visual evidence? 
(52:23): ThunderBro training programs 
(58:03): Balancing life, training, and personal growth


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