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Cooper Marsh LAB MGMT

This week, Bryce sits down with Cooper Marsh! Cooper is the co-owner and agent with LAB MGMT. He represents well-known athletes such as Josh Bridges and Danielle Brandon. His hard work and athlete-first mindset have allowed LAB MGMT to become one of the most well-respected agencies within the fitness industry.

“Lab Management is a marketing agency, our goal is to build athlete brands, and our goal is to partner them with brands that will support their mission and goals throughout the entirety of their career and for athletes’ retirement.”

Cooper Marsh Timeline

(01:51): Connecting with the best athlete
(03:46): What is client representation?
(05:58): Lab Management: Goals and Mission
(10:59): Helping athletes set up long-term goals
(14:52): Provide encompassing brand for each member
(17:00): How to manage your business
(19:54): How to manage your time effectively
(22:23): How does Lab Management set goals?
(25:56): “Communicate a lot”
(27:15): How to grow a brand
(32:21): Your 2023 most anticipated in CrossFit Sports


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