Caroline Burckle Olympic Swimmer

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Caroline Burckle Olympic Athlete 

This week, on the Invictus Mindset Podcast, Bryce talks with Caroline Burckle. She is an Olympic bronze medalist and co-founder of Rise Athletes. Get into the mind of an Olympian, as we learn about Caroline’s Olympic journey. This idea of mindset is what helped lead to Caroline starting Rise Athletes. Rise is for all athletes and gives you access to a MindPower coach which will help you maximize your mental and physical strength.

Caroline Burckle Timeline

(08:01): Journey to self-actualization
(18:43): Courage to choose a new path
(28:31): Understanding connection with your body
(34:23): Importance of self-worth
(43:12): Impacts of disconnecting from your body
(49:22): Seeking constant validation
(55:39): People-pleasing: A byproduct of validation
(1:08:54): Reconnect with your body
(1:16:04): Courage to ask for help


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