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Carl Paoli Movement Specialist 

On the Invictus Mindset Podcast this week, Bryce talks with Carl Paoli for the second time. He is a New York Times bestselling author and movement specialist. Carl is the founder of Freestyle Connection, dedicated to helping people design a life worth living through fitness and personal development. He shares how we need to disrupt the current state of balance in order to find a new one. Let’s go on a lifestyle and movement journey with Carl.

Carl Paoli Timeline 

(03:43): Letting Go
(14:15): Standards, Rules, Progression, and Awareness
(22:57): The Courage to Start 
(30:42): Emotional Intelligence and Fitness
(38:22): How to Cope with Messy Situations
(48:05): Lifestyle Exploration
(53:51): Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Speech
(1:02:36): Four Key Elements of Understanding Who We Are
(1:10:29): Disrupt the Current State of Balance

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