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This week, Bryce talks with the Buttery Bros! Marston and Heber are influential storytellers within the world of CrossFit. They have created some of your favorite CrossFit documentaries and have built an amazing YouTube community centered around CrossFit. It’s great to catch up with them as they share about their content creation and what we can expect in the future. Their goal is to reach 250,000 subscribers on YouTube by the end year. Let’s help them reach that goal with the link below.

Buttery Bros Timeline

(07:17): Background of theme for buttery bros
(09:52): Concept of scale for life and how it inspired the world
(14:26): Maintaining the balance in the career and enjoying the freedom
(17:06): Scenes behind the curtain about working without a boss
(20:50): Experiences of connecting with famous liver king
(24:01): Having a funny yet memorable experience
(27:44): Benefits and nutrients of raw foods
(31:03): Navigating negativity in internet culture
(38:48): Adventures and exploring Iceland
(42:47): Happenings and the beauty of sky lagoon
(46:41): Recoveries in training, travel, food and sleep, and editing
(56:21): Goals on Youtube


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