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Brian Peters NFL Journey

This week, Bryce talks to Brian Peters! Brian is a former NFL linebacker and founder of the MindStrong Project. He is an NFL journeyman and is well known for playing in five different professional football leagues during his career. Brian’s mindset to overcome challenges was a constant throughout his playing career and we can see it now translated into his mindset and breathing projects.

Brian Peters Timeline

(01:52): Optimizing yourself and others
(07:29): “Monkey see, monkey do”
(14:25): Different types of workout sessions
(23:56): Overcoming challenges in life
(33:32): Proving yourself
(40:57): Nuance of the story: Joining sports
(48:33): Supplements for muscle recovery
(1:04:07): Pain management procedures
(1:22:36): Importance of building relationships with nature


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