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Brian Friend CrossFit Analytics 

This week, Bryce talks to Brian Friend! Brian is a CrossFit coach and commentator and has written various CrossFit articles that have helped legitimize the sport. He has a passion for advancing the sport of CrossFit and is a true ambassador of the community. Bryce and Brian look into what we might see for the future of CrossFit and their shared passion for coaching others to maximize their potential every single day.

Brian Friend Timeline

(02:29): Future of CrossFit
(08:56): How to use Youtube effectively
(17:49): CrossFit Games events
(24:50): Train, prepare, and plan
(32:36): How can an athlete mitigate stress?
(34:24): How to manage sponsorship agreements
(38:12): Factors in a coaching change
(48:14): Difficulty in ranking teams
(54:24): Passion for coaching people
(59:19): Growth and development in sports
(01:04:17): CrossFit sports vs. CrossFit health
(1:06:25): Three (3) reasons for exercise: To sweat, move blood, and get out of breath
(1:10:13): Using competition as your motivation
(1:24:04): What will be the future of CrossFit?


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