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2021 Year in Review – Coaches

The Invictus Mindset Podcast brings you our 2021 year-in-review episode for coaching. We have sat down with some amazing coaches this past year to learn about their philosophies and how you can apply them to your life. We have pulled helpful segments from some of the top coaches in the world of fitness including, C.J. Martin, Dr. Aaron Horschig, EC Synkowski, Mike Burgener, and PJ Nestler. The episode will give you tips for CrossFit, weightlifting, performance output, and nutrition.

Podcast Timeline

(0:00) – How Squat University Came to be with Dr. Aaron Horschig

(6:59) – Extreme Performance methodologies with PJ Nestler

(18:45) – Bruce Lee with C.J. Martin

(20:16) – Weightlifting with Mike Burgener

(24:03) – Nutrition Non-Negotiables with EC Synkowski

Listen to the Coaches’ Full Episodes

C.J. Martin – Invictus Founder: Apple – Spotify
Invictus Fitness founder C.J. Martin sits down with Bryce Smith to talk about his journey to start Invictus Fitness, where the philosophies of Bruce Lee come into play, and what he’s learned along the way in the realms of both coaching elite athletes and running a successful fitness business.

Mike Burgener – Olympic Weightlifting Coach: Apple – Spotify
Many know him as Coach B, and the owner of Mike’s Gym – but do you know how he got where he was? Learn where Coach B played and coached football, to joining the Marine Corps, and how he learned about the Olympic lifts to then become one of the most well known and loved Olympic Weightlifting coaches in the industry.

Dr. Aaron Horschig – Squat University Head Coach: Apple – Spotify
Founder of Squat University and physical therapist, Aaron Horschig. The squat is a foundational movement. Aaron shares about developing proper and efficient movement patterns within the squat. There are lots of people who can move weight with a barbell but are your movements maximized for efficiency? Aaron explains how the squat position will affect your Olympic lifts and what to look for to produce optimal results. “If I can build your athletic pyramid wider, I can build it higher. You need a great base first”.

PJ Nestler – XPT Coach: Apple Spotify
Host Bryce Smith sits down with the Director of Performance for XPT Life, Pj Nestler. Listen as Pj talks about XPT and practice of performance breathing. We can follow along as Pj walks us through his journey to finding coaching and XPT. He talks about the power of Consistency and how the ability to make something simple can be the ultimate sophistication. Breath, move and recover as you listen and learn with Pj Nestler.

EC Synkowski – Nutrition Coach: Apple Spotify
EC Synkowski discusses finding a balance between diets and focusing on the universal principles of nutrition. On this episode, she and Bryce discuss a variety of different diets, and EC talks about the concept of using the word “and” instead of “or” when we are looking at other diets to create a balanced nutrition plan. You will not want to miss this episode as EC and Bryce take a vast look at various nutrition topics related to fitness, such as counting macros and the use of supplements.

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Andrew lemon
June 4, 2022 4:35 am

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