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Matt Bickel the Assault Bike King 

Matt Bickel takes an inspiring holistic approach to his health and wellness journey. He shares about his weight loss journey and path into the CrossFit world. He first found some fame in the fitness community for powering out seventy-eight calories on the Assault Bike in one minute. He later would be filmed at an Invictus training camp ripping the handle off of an Assault bike while making a max calorie effort. Blessed with an amazing ability for storytelling these are just a few of the crazy stories Matt shares with us.

Matt Bickel and the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run

Matt has always been spiritually called to Hawaii which is where he would meet two of the most influential people in his life Sam Dancer and Aaron Hoff. Sam Dancer is a member of Team Invictus and to learn about him more check out the link to his podcast below. Aaron Hoff is described as a guru and all-around amazing human who started the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. The trail run is the largest annual event to benefit the Keala Foundation. The foundation benefits the Hawaiian youth through an afterschool CrossFit program. Many of our former guests speak very highly of the Keala Foundation, so please use the links below to check out episodes with Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon.

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Matt Bickel Podcast Timeline

(0:00 – 1:30) Introduction & Tean Invictus History 

(1:38 – 5:43) Assault Bike Fame 

(6:00 – 10:18) Seventy-Five Hard Update 

(11:51 – 18:45) Matt’s Fitness & Wellness Journey 

(21:30 – 27:34) Soul Searching in Kauai & Aaron Hoff 

(27:37 – 30:02 ) Meeting Sam Dancer

(30:07 – 31:14) Training at Invictus 

(33:17 – 39:24) Creating a Holistic Approach to Fitness in San Diego 

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