If you’re getting excited about the chance to test yourself in friendly competition with your gym crew during the Open and you’ve decided to sign up official-style on the Games site – we’d love to see you on at least one of the custom Invictus leaderboards!

When you register for the Open on the Games site, you are given the option to create your own custom leaderboard or join a leaderboard that already exists. Whether it be with you and your workout buddies from the 5 pm class; compared to all 28-year-old males in North America, you vs Rich Froning, or to see how you stack up against other Invictus Athletes from around the world – anything is fair game!

Just like with the advances of Fantasy Football, there is no need to appoint a commissioner to manage your leaderboard with some sort of crazy Excel concoction. Just join one or create one then enter your scores each week. The Games site takes care of the rest!

Whether it’s to test yourself physically and mentally, or for bragging rights amongst your crew, here’s how to register for the Open and join as many leaderboards as you want (including a couple from the Invictus list below)!

Invictus Open Leaderboards

Join as many as you want!

If you follow the Invictus Competition programming or are part of the Invictus Athlete program: #INVICTUSATHLETE.

If you follow the Invictus Performance or fitness programming: #INVICTUSPERFORMANCEONLINE.

If you follow the Invictus Masters programming: #INVICTUSMASTERS.

Whoop Leaderboards

How is your recovery compared to the pros? All Invictus Athletes with Whoops can now join recovery teams on the Whoop App specific to Invictus.
The Teams Are:
Invictus Boston Invite code: INVI-CTUS
Invictus San Diego invite code: SAND-IEGO
Invictus Trained (Online Athletes) invite code: TRAI-NING
Athletes can join these teams and compare their recovery to each other during the Open. The online group is open to everyone who follows Invictus Athlete, Masters, or Competition programming doing the Open (or anyone who wants to join in general!).

2020 CrossFit Open Workout Strategy & Tips

The same as in years past, Invictus will offer strategy and tips videos for each of the Open workouts. The Invictus Athlete Coaches will go live on Instagram at 6 pm on Thursdays throughout the Open with their Strategy & Tips for Intermediate & Competetive Athletes. That video will then be released on the Invictus YouTube the same night and also on the Invictus Blog. Tips for Athletes Customizing the Open will be included on the blog post and will release on the Invictus YouTube channel on Fridays.

Strategy & Tips for Intermediate & Competetive Athletes

If you’ve been following the Invictus Competition program for some time or any of the other Invictus Athlete Programs, or if you have aspirations to make it to the CrossFit Games, check out the videos each week from Invictus Athlete Coaches CJ Martin, Tino Marini, and Hunter Britt.

Tips for Athletes Customizing the Open

These programming alternatives are intended to inspire and serve anyone that wants to participate in the Open but may need a fresh-perspective and customized workout options that better align with their injury history or personal fitness goals. Maybe a barbell OH lift doesn’t align with your current mobility? Or a bilateral movement compounds an old injury? Let’s explore other options available for your Open fitness participation! Each week, Invictus Coaches Kirsten Ahrendt and Nick Hawkes will provide you some options and insight.

Invictus Athlete Online Programs

Invictus Athlete Online Programs offer training to help you in all areas of fitness. Check out the Sample Training Guide to see what a training day would look like, and pick which program is best for you!


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