Introducing the Invictus Weightlifting Program

Invictus Weightlifting is now live! Join Coach Jared Enderton in the three days-per-week program, designed to improve your Olympic Lifting for CrossFit.

Joining Invictus Weightlifting will give you access to the following:

– 3 days-a-week of programming done by Invictus weightlifting coach, Jared Enderton. (Sessions are approximately 75 minutes each)

– Facebook group access to the ‘Invictus Weightlifting Group’

– Video feedback from coach Jared Enderton via the Invictus Weightlifting Facebook group

– Specific programming focus on the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch; Including programming of accessory and supplemental work to improve positioning

– $39 a month with 3 and 6 month discount options

Over the past few weeks, you have seen some of the videos coach Jared has published in order to provide more technique focus and strength building exercises to assist with your Olympic lifts. These, along with others, will be incorporated into the program:

Strengthen Your Rack & Split Jerk Positions

Snatch Start Positioning and Common Faults

Meet Jared Enderton

Jared has worked with over 100 athletes from CrossFit Games athletes to National Qualifiers in Weightlifting. He is the current strength & conditioning coach for the USA Sprint Cycling team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He owns CrossFit Pandora’s Box and Enderton Barbell Club.