Introducing! Inside Invictus – The Series

Follow Invictus athletes and coaches through the year and get a more personal perspective of what it takes to train, and coach at the highest levels. You will see what sets them apart in this up-close series that follows not only the 2018 CrossFit Games 2nd place team – Invictus X – but many others in the top tier of the sport including Regan Huckaby, Lauren Fisher, Rasmus Andersen, Kristi Eramo, and Kelsey Kiel. Invictus has a rich tradition with competitive athletes and has now qualified a team for the CrossFit Games 11 years in a row! See if they can add a second team and load of individuals to the list of this year’s Games qualifiers.

Grab a glimpse into the thoughts of both the competitors and the masterminds alike as they navigate a new path toward the 2019 Games. There are more opportunities to qualify, and qualify early – like Team Invictus (Fisher, Huckaby, Vinas and Andersen) did at the Dubai Championship (Inside Invictus: Dubai). The ability to pick your team from anyone, anywhere, unlike until now, where teammates had to train at the same facility, is a major plus and has allowed Invictus to create some super teams of upcoming talent and potential podium finishers. See how Team Invictus will manage the year long season now that they’ve already qualified for Games in August. Who else will punch their cards? And what will it take to get there? Be the first to root for the new Invictus Athletes that surface as serious contenders as the final qualifying events approach.

Get a feel for what daily life within the Invictus gym is like as you secretly mingle with the local Invictus regulars, coaches and other crew and get to know their individual personalities that make it all mesh. And see what daily life is like outside of the gym and what the athletes, coaches and local members like to do in San Diego for fun. Whether it’s surfing, suntanning or Spikeball – these guys will turn everything into a challenge and oh do they have a good time doing it. It should make for some good entertainment!

So because you asked for more behind the scenes videos – here they are – the Inside Invictus series! A new episode of Inside Invictus will air on the Invictus YouTube Channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. You can also read about and watch the episode on the Invictus Blog the following weekend.

So stay tuned to see what happens with the Invictus crew, and if you want to join the Invictus crew…check out the Invictus Athlete Programs.

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