Inside Invictus – Dubai Fitness Championships – EP4 & EP5
Video by Michael McCoy

In Episode 4, we follow the teams and individuals as they experience the highs and lows two days out from the 2018 Dubai Fitness Championship. The boys continue the hilarity while trying not to hurt themselves on an ocean obstacle course (much to the dismay of Lauren and Mom Regan), booby traps are (accidentally) laid in the hotel room for Casey upon her arrival to Dubai to meet the rest of the athletes, and Kaitlyn battles a 102 degree temperature and sadly misses the fountain show at the Dubai Mall. Ain’t nobody gonna’ be late when Ras is behind the wheel!

In Episode 5, follow team Invictus X as they secure the first win of event one. As they are leaving the hotel to “go fitness”, the night club crowd returns. Kaitlyn’s still battling her fever but is feeling better and can open her own water bottle, which is improvement from the previous day. And Ras continues to scare the crap out of everyone with his driving as the team heads into the first day of competition. What kind of sharks might they encounter on the swim? Everyone expects crazy swimwear from Sam, but what kind of swimwear will you encounter seeing on some of the other athletes? Don’t miss out on CJ’s “professional international traveler tips” for getting on the local time zone so you too can experience what it’s like to be a “plump grape”.

How will it all play out as the competition is about to begin? Watch to find out!

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