How to Improve Your Mobility in No Time!
Written by Kim McLaughlin

When I first started in the CrossFit community nine years ago, I could barely get into the bottom of a squat and the couch stretch was something I could only dream of doing. My mobility was, as some would describe it, less than stellar.

Over the years, I have gradually made it so that those positions are a bit more comfortable and I don’t have to hide in a corner pretending to tie my shoe if a coach decides he/she wants to work on either of those things during a warm-up or cool-down session.

To get to this point, I will admit, it has taken the better part of nine years. I recently learned, however, that there’s a MUCH FASTER way to become more mobile. It turns out, if you actually put a consistent amount of time into stretching, your mobility will improve as a result. It’s true!

A few individuals in the Point Loma Noon class recently put this hypothesis to the test and you can see some of their results in the photos below. As a result of holding this position for at least two minutes after every class, Billy has seen his knee pain almost disappear and Zach has become much more comfortable in the bottom of the squat which increased his numbers in his back squat, front squat, and clean.





If you’re still asking why you should put time and energy into your mobility, know that if you can become more mobile, chances are you will improve your positioning in any number of different movements. Improved positioning will lead to improved power output and performance in your workouts and thus, in turn, make you a better CrossFitter!

Regardless of what area of your body needs attention, do yourself a favor and commit to working on it at the end of every workout. It can take as little as two to three minutes extra but committing to stretching can drastically improve your mobility in a matter of months or, in some instances, weeks.

If you need ideas on stretches, movements, or areas to work on, please don’t hesitate to ask a coach. Just like improving your gymnastics or Olympic lifts takes time and practice, so does mobility! If you put the time in, you will see results.


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