How to Bulletproof Your Wrists
Video by Aush Chatman

Are your wrists your limiting factor in your workouts? Many athletes have stiffness and soreness when performing gymnastics movements like handstands and muscle-ups and lifts like front squats, overhead squats and snatches that either keeps them from training, limit the weight or number of reps they can perform in a workout and sometimes is even a cause to have to substitute a different movement altogether. When this happens, it is important to take a look at the cause and try to do something about it.

Check out Coach Aush’s “Bulletproof Wrist” routine which is great to use as a warm-up or even as supplemental work on rest days. In this video, he walks you through a routine that takes less than 10 minutes but will increase your wrist and forearm strength and flexibility tenfold.

In the warm-up, Aush covers: wrist rolls, wrist circles and finger flexion & extension before going into some drills for flexibility (both flexion & extension) and strength (with his wrist push-up series).

Don’t let wrist pain dictate if you can train! Try out this routine and let us know the improvements you see with your pain, positions and lifts.

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