Fish Oil Dosage by CrossFit Invictus

How Much Fish Oil Should You Take?
Written by Calvin Sun

Just about everyone is convinced that fish oil is the one supplement that you must add to your nutritional regime. Numerous studies have shown supplementing with fish oil has a variety of health benefits including reducing inflammation, improving blood lipid profiles, improving cognitive function, preventing cardiovascular disease, increasing immune function, and reduced risk of cancers. But how much fish oil should you take in order to reap the benefits?

Robb Wolf, along with many other nutrition gurus, recommends 0.5 grams of omega-3 in the form of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid (EPA and DHA) per 10 pounds of body weight for healthy individuals. However, if you are recovering from an injury, overweight, stressed, not sleeping well, and/or eating a poor diet, you’ll probably want to increase that dosage to 0.75 – 1.0 grams per 10 pounds of body weight. Keep in mind that not all fish oil products are created equally. Higher quality fish oil supplements tend to have a higher dose of EPA/DHA per serving than their poorly manufactured counterparts.

Here is Robb’s method for calculating required fish oil per day simplified into three easy steps. You’ll need to reference the nutrition label on the back of your fish oil supplement in order to determine your dose.

Step 1 – Calculate grams of fish oil required per day
[Body weight in pounds / 10] * [Fish Oil Factor] = Required dose of fish oil per day
Fish Oil Dosage Factors by CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Step 2 – Sean uses the Kirkland Signature Enteric Coated Fish Oil sold at Costco. It contains 410mg EPA and 274mg DHA per serving (1 softgel).
410mg EPA + 274mg DHA = 684mg EPA/DHA per soft gel
Fish Oil Nutrition by CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Step 3 – And we’ll just plug the values from steps 1 and 2 into our final equation here…
16.125 grams / [684mg / 1000] * [1]= 23.57. We’ll round up to the nearest whole number for a total of 24 soft gels per day for Sean
Costco Fish Oil by CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Now this may seem like large amount of pills, but keep in mind a few things, Sean is a big guy and the last couple months have left him pretty banged up. I told him to switch to a liquid fish oil in order to allow him to get the adequate amount of omega-3s without feeling like a Colombian drug mule. Carlson makes a great fish oil that contains 800mg EPA and 500mg DHA per teaspoonful. That means Sean would only need about 12 teaspoons or 4 tablespoons of the Carlson liquid product compared to 24 Costco soft gels. Ideally, he would split up the dosage evenly over the course of the day and take the fish oil with meals.
Carlson Fish Oil by CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Is all of this too much math for you? Not a problem. The folks over at Whole9 have simplified the entire process by creating a fish oil calculator based on the same method. Click HERE to go to it. Simply plug in your body weight, fish oil factor, EPA, DHA, serving size, and you’ll get your required daily dose. Still not sure how much to take? Feel free to consult one of your coaches and we will be happy to assist you.

  • depression prone female grad student trying to recover healthy weight and trying to figure out how much fish oil dosage to take. EPA+DHA is 1850 for two softgels


    • Arch Ecker

      Need more info to do the math… good luck!

  • Razvan

    Hi, Per Wolf’s website he recommends 2-4 grams of EPA+DHA per day. Can you post the source for his other claim suggesting I supplement 14 grams per day (190/10*.75)? Thanks!

    • That DUde

      “In his book, The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf makes different dosage recommendations based on level of athleticism. He recommends 1g of EPA/DHA per 10 lbs of body weight for sick, overweight, and highly inflamed individuals. For lean, muscular athletes with blood chemistry closer to ancestral norms, he recommends .25-.5 g of EPA/DHA per 10 lbs of body weight.” -other source

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  • that1dudeFromOC

    That is a very high amount, i have nevet seen this much recommended.

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  • Terry Chosth

    “Colombian drug mule”? That is very racist and not very crossfit/love/respect the community sort of thing

    • FJ Brock

      Terry you suck.

  • Ann Renteria

    According to the above information I should be taking 4.25 tablespoons of Carlson’s Fish oil. I had been taking 2 Tablespoons. I want to add MCT oil and Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive oil in salad dressings. Do I take the 4 Tablespoons of Carlson’s plus the other oils? What should be the total amount of fat in a day? I also cook with coconut oil or EVOO. Am I taking too much?

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  • Lois Hartley

    Female, weight is 211, 5ft. 6in. 70/years of age. Have: SPA 1003, DNA 669, liquid. How much should I take daily? Thanks

  • Korey Stern

    Your calculation of Epa/Dha is slightly off on the capsule example. Epa should be 325 (650/2) and Dha should be 225 (450/2). Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Tee

    In 40 years old I weigh 166 lbs how much should take

  • Debjit Banerjee

    One of the most essential parts of fat-related nutrition is the balance between consumption of omega-6 fats and omega-3 fats.A equalization of omega-3s and omega-6s would be the best on the dinner plate.

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  • Rabi

    Helpful article, fish oil may help to:

    >Lower blood pressure

    >Reduce triglycerides

    >Slow the development of plaque in the arteries

    >Reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm

    >Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke

    >Lessen the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease

    For top rated fish oil’s reviews visit

  • Joe
  • Randal Colleman

    This is very useful, thanks for the info! i just started with exercise so I wasn’t sure how much is not too much for me, and I already chose my fish oil supplement thanks to this article but I wasn’t sure about the dosage, so thanks for helping me out! 🙂

  • JohnCappello

    I highly recommend you fully understand the risks of using unregulated, dietary supplements. Not only on contents not accurately reported, the level of oxidation (rancid) is obvious to your nose. Any odor whatsoever indicates it is rancid and should not be consumed. Not only is oxidation dangerous to your health, all Dietary Supplements (DS) contain levels of unreported substances including saturated fat, chemicals such as mercury, etc. It is an entirely unregulated business and sourced from questionable unregulated factories, where QA, batch consistency does not exist. So bottom line: buyer beware. I am fortunate to be prescribed Pharmaceutical grade Vascepa, 96% purified EPA in 1 Gram pills, 100% free of any oxidation – and with coupon is $9 / month. So you get 20X the EPA as found is DS -its pure and non oxides – so less money much higher FDA regulated – why spin teh roulette wheel when you don’t have to? See your doctor ASAP. ( BTW DHA is dangerous in high dose – increase LDL-C by 20- 30%)

  • EroSennin

    That’s a lot of fish oil to take daily.

    Also, I’d recommend reviewing the LabDoor site. It’s probably the most objective review on nutritional supplements you can get. That is what is guiding my purchasing decision.

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