Hip CARs Challenges & Variations
Video by TJ O’Brien

The hip CAR or “Controlled Articular Rotation” brings our hip joint through it’s largest possible range of motion (ROM) without compensating movement from any other neighboring joints (like the low back, for example). The variations in this video are NOT a starting point – check out Coach Nick’s CARS routine, minute 16, if you haven’t already.

Once you’ve covered the basics, we can add blocks for feedback like the ones covered in this video. You may notice that your range of motion is perceptibly smaller when you add these blocks – that’s ok! It means you are moving more honestly through the joint we are trying to move and compensating less through others. The goal here is improved control of individual joints in order to improve multi-joint movement (like your squat!).

Test them out and see where you are so you can start improving in your ROM and pain levels!

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