Everyone has that person they can count on to send a “where are you?” text when you miss a class or they greet you at the door of the gym when you show up a tiny bit late with an, “I’m so happy you’re here!” exclamation. At the 4:00 class at Point Loma, there are five of those people. Collectively they’re known as the Cardio Queens. Individually they’re known as Brooke, Hannah, Savannah, Kasey and Candice.

These five girls form a union that works through every single workout like a team of superheroes. Although they can power and lift with the best of them, the cardio and abs workouts are their favorites. The best part is, not only do they serve as accountabilibuddies for each other, they make sure that every single person in the class is having fun. When everything is said and done, every member is encouraged to sit around and chat about the day with five of the most positive and uplifting souls you’ve ever met. The Cardio Queens make it a point to check in on people’s mental health and stability as well as their overall well-being with an inquisitive gab session after every workout.

Here’s to the Cardio Queens of Point Loma, may they forever reign!!!!

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