Member of the Month, Ryan Tucker, second from left, with his training crew after crushing 18.3.

Help Others Succeed and You Will Too
Written by Bryce Smith

Congratulations to Mr. Ryan Tucker on being Member of the Month. Ryan is the epitome of selflessness and truly lives his life the right way. He lives with so much gratitude and always comes into the gym with a smile. He is incredibly friendly during group sessions and always makes an effort to ensure that newer members are comfortable and safe. Between the gym walls, Ryan is always pushing himself to the limit while helping to pull others out of their comfort zones. His efforts in the gym are phenomenal, but what separates Ryan, and what made him stand out to me over anything else is his character.

Ryan is always asking for ways in which he can help in all aspects of life. He volunteers at Invictus whenever he gets the chance by helping during Regionals, and helping to judge Invictus Athletes at Friday Night Lights. Time is something we will never get back, and he offers his time very often to help those that he cares about. Help others succeed and you will succeed too.

He is always asking great questions and learning. Ryan is a registered nurse. He is very intelligent and despite his education, he surrenders to our Invictus staff and allows himself to be coachable. Because of his coachability (he came to Invictus without a muscle-up) and can now do eight to ten of them in a row. He is always asking ways in which he can improve while constantly assessing and reassessing his goals and ways in which he can challenge himself.

Ryan has grown from not just an Invictus member and a Built by Bryce client, he has become a good friend as well. He has done a great job helping to organize a large group of Invictus members to play beach volleyball each weekend. Creating an environment outside of the gym and getting members to take part in sports and varying types of fitness has created a better connection within our community.

Ryan is a very special individual and I feel so fortunate to call him a friend. He is always offering to help me in any way that he can while my dad battles brain cancer. He has such a unique ability to keep such a positive and upbeat personality even after stressful days at work.

Ryan continues to improve because of his consistency in energy and effort. He never gets too high and never gets too low. Staying even quill and level enables him to never be too content during the good or too disappointed during the bad. This type of stability is something that he has trained since his arrival to Invictus.

We talk often about how “the best athlete is the most relaxed athlete,” and he makes every effort each and every week to take progressive steps towards enhancing his mental game. This constant and never-ending-improvement type of attitude makes Ryan Tucker such an inspiration to me and our entire Invictus Community. When you see him around the gym and hear his contagious laugh, be sure to share a high five or a hug because he has truly grown into a better version of himself while at Invictus. I look forward to watching him continue to grow and inspire those around him through his hard work, gratitude, and selflessness.

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Roy Haines
Roy Haines

Students really should read this, it’s good that you wrote about it. And if you are a student and want to know more, then take a look at the site here because it is certainly a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and begin to get good grades.


that’s right ..congratulations Ryan.. we should learn from MR. Ryan Tucker , gnerous ,polite nature can be good for anybody else and bring success in ones llife easily with persistence and excersice like Mr Ryan..if we help others in their work, others help us in same way..

Jean Thorson
Jean Thorson

So true. Congratulations Ryan!!!