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Hot Off the Griddle with Buttery Bro Heber Cannon 

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The Buttery Bros have become a staple in the CrossFit community for their storytelling ability and knack for creating meaningful relationships with top CrossFit athletes. Heber shares his journey into filmmaking and the CrossFit world. He explains how the Buttery Bros were created and shares some insights on how he has maintained a strong friendship with his fellow Buttery Bro and business partner Marston Sawyers. 

The Buttery Bros

The Buttery Bros started as a way for Heber and Marston to get in front of the camera to share their story but quickly turned into a worldwide brand and a Youtube channel with 157 thousand subscribers. They get insight into the lives of top athletes through traveling the earth and experiencing all that the world of fitness has to offer. Use the links below to check out 2021 CrossFit Games recaps from the Buttery Bros and CrossFit Invictus video team! 

Buttery Bros Games Recap

CrossFit Invictus Games Recap

About Buttery Bro Heber Cannon

Heber has helped to direct several CrossFit movies including, Froning, The Redeemed and Dominant, The Fittest, and Resurgence. The most recent movie to come out, Resurgence, documents the 2020 CrossFit Games season exploring how these amazing athletes were able to overcome so many obstacles to compete at the 2020 CrossFit Games. The movie highlights how COVID-19 has affected gyms worldwide and how CrossFit was able to find a strong new CEO in Eric Roza. 

Timeline of Heber Cannon Podcast

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(0:00 – 8:04) case dependent nutrition 

(8:56 – 13:00) diets within the CrossFit community 

(13:20 – 20:00) nutrition & marketing 

(20:20 – 24:23) nutritional starting point & consistency with nutrition 

(24:53 – 33:14) science is a verb 

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