The Golden Rule of Invictus
Written by Aush Chatman

Did you know “We is greater than Me” is one of our 3 Golden Rules at Invictus Fitness? To me, this rule is truly at the heart of what makes Invictus the premier training facility in the world, because it ain’t just words, we LIVE IT OUT!

EXAMPLE of the day: wearing a mask (yep, let’s go there, keep that Maze music playing)  

You see we don’t just wear a mask because it looks cool, or we understand intimately the science of it and how that affects COVID-19 spread. No, we wear our masks because of our respect for our fellow Invicti, our brothers and sisters in fitness. 

Remember it is the people next to you (6 feet away), who: 

  • Push and motivate you in the workouts (who doesn’t love chasing Chris “The Rabbit” Stairiker at 7am?)
  • Ask me, “Hey where is so and so, Aush? I haven’t seen them in a while.” We care for one another and truth be told we need one another. 
  • Make it so you don’t have to suffer alone, trust me doing these new conditioning workouts by yourself is for the birds.

So, the rules keep changing, the world is going through labor pains as it tries to birth a better society, some things we will get right, some wrong as we look back on this crazy time. But one thing that is constant is that golden rule, We > Me, and that will carry us through this unscathed and stronger as a community and by extension as individuals. This mentality is EXACTLY what the world needs more of right now, and we have in our face a great way to put this energy out there! Amen.

Easy $$$ and a great way to demonstrate We > Me.

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Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey

Great article! Definitely spot on!! I’ve been following Invictus online for 6+ years in my garage gym because my crossfit gym closed and there isn’t one even remotely close to me. I’m VERY fortunate to have pretty much a full working crossfit gym (yes…one day I will have an air runner and a ski erg), but for the most part I’ve got everything it takes except the people! Some days that really sucks…because with the people I’m sure I’d push a little bit harder! We all need to take care of each other even it’s hard or strange..WE>ME!