Gettin’ Stronger by Gary Martin

“For me, the key to getting stronger was to trust my coaches. I have always had goals in my head, but had never really put them on paper or communicated them to my coach. Finally, I wrote them down and gave them to Coach Nichole. I was embarrassed at first. The numbers I gave her seemed a pipe dream. She took them and began programming. Since then, my numbers have taken off! As of today, I have hit at least one PR in nine consecutive workouts. The  goal numbers I originally thought outlandish (200lb shoulder press, 300lb bench press, 400lb back squat, and a 500lb deadlift) are not only achievable, but very nearly attained. Thanks to both Coach Nichole and Coach Michele for helping me realize that, at 41 years old, I can be stronger than I ever thought possible!”

  • Cynthia

    Way to go, Gary!

  • Lorna

    Incredible Gary!! Keep it up!

  • courtland

    Oh yeah? Well my goals are to crush YOUR goals!! 🙂

    Outstanding work, Gary. I saw your 315 front squat and it was clear you had barely tapped into the beast. Get it!

  • You’re the man Gary! LIPSOOOOOOOON! hahahaha

  • POS

    Nice work Gary, Its great to set and meet goals and then get to set them again! Keep up the good work.