How to Gain More Hip Internal Rotation While Just Lying Around
Video by Nick Hawkes

As we’ve been discussing in this series, having functional range hip internal rotation (IR) is so important for many things. You need it to perform your best with hinging movements like deadlifts and even non-hinging movements like squatting because it helps you get into position and use the proper mechanics. And it is especially important to ensure a pain-free life. If your IR is off, something else is on (that’s not supposed to be) like your lower back, for example.

Here’s a variation of hip controlled articular rotations (CARs) and PAILs & RAILs that you can do lying down. Coach Nick will take you through a CARs warm-up for the hip capsule and how to identify your joint’s true (functional) range of motion (ROM). For the PAILs & RAILs drill, you will need some yoga blocks or another way to elevate your foot – the higher the better! Meaning the higher you are able to stack the blocks, the better your hip internal rotation is. You’ll see what we mean once you watch the video.

This exercise will help you gain hip internal rotation and increase functional joint range of motion (ROM). We already discussed why hip internal rotation is so important. Let’s make sure we also focus on making sure the range we obtain is “functional”. What does that mean exactly? Think of it as the range of motion your joint has when your body is in control of it. Meaning, it has no assistance from a band, post, superfriend, etc. It’s the range of motion your joint can safely do its job in. Doing CARs will help you identify this range. You will use them as a warm-up in this video but they are also a great diagnostic tool and measure of progress.

In case you missed them, here are some other videos on hip internal rotation drills by Coach Nick. Test each of them out to find which one you feel gives you the greatest benefits.

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Andrej Pravda

Hi Nick, could you please post something to improve hip EXTERNAL rotation ? Because after knee surgery (1 year ago) my left hip EXTERNAL rotation is still poorer than on right one… Thanks, I appreciate your videos !