Fun with Furniture Sliders – Ag Walks
Written by Michele Vieux

Are you limited on space, equipment or time? Need some ideas for travel workouts? Or maybe you’re just looking for something new to incorporate into your routine. Behold, the furniture slider! It’s not just for moving furniture anymore! These babies are inexpensive, take up only a sliver of space in a suitcase, and pack a punch when it comes to the things you can do with them.

Today’s exercise is the Furniture Slider Ag Walk, which is a step more difficult than the Alligator Walk since it is an INVERTED moving plank. Benefits of this exercise are shoulder strength and mobility, tricep work and posterior chain work.

You will need two sliders for this drill – here’s how to set it up.

Step 1: Sit on the floor with your legs extended and place a furniture slider under each foot. You will be on your heels in this set-up and should be focusing on opening the shoulders as much as possible as you squeeze your glutes and drive your hips to the sky.

Step 2: Walk backward with your hands while dragging your feet behind you. sells 4-packs of the large sliders for $10 so this is a cost-effective solution for equipment. Stay tuned for more Fun with Furniture Sliders in the upcoming weeks!

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