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Food Prep – Making Your Week Easier!
Written by Melissa Hurley

No doubt, there just isn’t any simple no-time way to food prep for the week except hiring a food service or live-in cook. The work week can be very busy and if we don’t prepare ahead of time, it is more likely that you will grab the not-so-healthy, on-the-run food options. I’ve got a couple helpful tips to help make food prep more manageable. (Sorry, no magic wand!)

Step 1 – Get Ready – Clean Out:
Before heading to the grocery store, clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Check out what you have, what you don’t and what has gone bad. Make a list! Whether you’ve made a meal plan for the week or just heading out to pick up some staple ingredients, organization will help. If you’re a little more on the Type A personality side, write your grocery store list in groups; produce, spices, proteins, etc. to make the trip around the store quicker.

Step 2 – Your Home – Store to Fridge:
Before putting your veggies and fruits in the refrigerator, cut out a couple steps in the meal prep, saving you time throughout the week. Wash your produce; pull out the cutting board and knives and start cutting. If you clean and slice everything when you first get home, you don’t have to constantly clean the cutting board, knives, and colander throughout the week and you’re more likely to use your produce. If you’re a meal planner, group your food together for each recipe as you unpack your grocery bags.

Step 3 – Ready, Set, Cook – Cooking Sunday:
Depending on if you’re a meal planner or a grab-and-mix cook, you can still take steps on the weekend to be prepared for the week.  The majority of us have a little lighter day on Sundays, allowing time to get ahead for the week. I like to cook 2-3 recipes and put them into individual servings so I have a meal already to grab and go for the day. If you tend not to be a planner, cook your protein; roast a chicken, grill steaks, brown some ground beef. It is also a great day to cook your more time consuming starches in bulk; spaghetti squash, acorn squash, and sweet potatoes. Then during the week you can just mix your protein, starch (vegetable), seasoning and your meal is ready to go.

3-2-1…GO!!! Get prepped for your week!

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