Female Sex Hormones, Muscle Proteins and Human Performance
Podcast by Misbah Haque of The Airborne Mind Show

Dr. Irene Tobias joins us this week to drop more science! She is a PhD Biochemist and an MIT alumna who is a part of Dr. Andy Galpin’s team and also a member of Invictus. In this episode, we dig into her speciality of research, which includes the study of a molecule called AMPK.

How does it relate to exercise and recovery? What are some of the challenges that scientists face when conducting research?

We also have some dialogue around female sex hormones and how it relates to performance and training. She shares a personal story about preserving fertility for those who are trying to pursue a career while balancing the idea of having kids. Her passion for science shines through in this conversation, which made this such an enjoyable conversation.

Listen to the episode here.

Show Notes:

(8:26) – Studying high performers
(12:26) – Challenges with funding for research
(17:00) – Technology to measure protein in single muscle fibers
(24:42) – Women in studies
(31:52) – “Window of Gains”
(36:18) – Female sex hormones and how it relates to training and performance
(41:28) – Preserving your fertility

Resources we may have talked about:

– AMPK: The Master Metabolic Regulator That’s Activated By Exercise
– The Body Of Knowledge
– http://www.andygalpin.com

How you can connect with Irene:

Instagram: @drirenetobias

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