Hey everybody, congratulations and thank you for a fun past 5 weeks.

Can you believe the 5 weeks came and went just like that?

What did you learn?

How did the race turn out?

What did you think of the training?  What would you have done differently?

I understand some of you were not able to complete the training program because of injuries or for other reasons – do not be disappointed, it’s part of life.

Here are some of the highlights from the race –
Angel was 2nd overall with a time of 18:40 – he may have been off course for a little bit too 🙂
Ed – 20:45, getting ready for NYC marathon this weekend
Mark – 23:28 – faster than he’d been doing in training
Andrew – 26:14 after a brutal travel schedule to Denver the day before, is this a PR?
Jonathan – 29:30 – super proud of you for breaking the 30 minute mark!!!! Quote “If it wasn’t for your face I think I would have passed out on the course”
Lauren – 18:48 – crushed the women’s race – taking 1st overall by a lot!!!!
Miné – 23:55 – stayed healthy and looked super smooth doing it
Ayo – 24:34 without much training 🙂
Johannah – 25:16
Kathy – running in the gorilla outfit was epic!
Was there anyone else that ran that I missed?  If so, can you please email me your time.

We have a few options to continue training with us if you’d like.  We’re starting a 12 week program this week which will include the wednesdays and saturdays – the cost of the program is $179 or you can pay $69 per month.  If you only want to attend the track – that’s cool too, for the track only option its $39 per month, you can email me and we can coordinate or come to track on wednesday and we will work it out 🙂


Thank you once again for being a part of the training program and if you could answer the questions above i’d really appreciate it.

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