Fat Burning Finishers to Keep You From Looking Like Santa
Written By Bryce Smith

Have you gained a few pounds this holiday season, or are you worried about gaining weight with all the tempting foods surrounding you at holiday get togethers? Keep reading on to get some golden nuggets that can help you blast away some of those unnecessary pounds and have you feeling beach ready in the middle of December.

I am going to provide you with some fat blasting finishers that you can safely and efficiently perform at the conclusion of every workout in order to avoid Santa Claus Syndrome. Check out these fat blasting finishers that will not only have you feeling accomplished and awesome, but will also help you melt away unnecessary calories, and enhance your cardiovascular fitness.

Finisher One: 60 seconds of Burpees

Goal: Women 20 repetitions, Men 25 repetitions

This is a great finisher as it requires zero skill. You fall down, and you get up, over and over again for an entire minute. You do not have to process muscle sequence or perfect technique. It is simply about effort and the mental ability to grind consistently for an entire minute.

Finisher 2: 60 seconds of MAX effort Assault Bike

Goal: Women 17-20 calories, Men 25-27 calories

This is another great finisher that is all about effort and is easy on your joints while still providing a massive challenge to your heart and lungs without the major risk for injury. The calories are converted from the watts and so the higher power output you have on this device, the higher the watts and the more calories you will get in return for your effort. Max effort here will have your legs burning and your mind wondering if you have the ability to make it to your car. If you have a few minutes to spare, another cool option is to sprint for 15-20 seconds and then rest 15-20 seconds for a total of 10 sets. These shorter intervals will help you challenge yourself anaerobically to maximize power output and strive to speed up recovery time to go again.

And don’t worry, you actually burn more than the calories on the meter. In fact, you will burn them for days because of this one workout. Check out this blog article – More Bang for Your Buck – to find out why.

Finisher 3: 500 meter MAX effort Row

Goal: Women 1:55, Men 1:45

This is another great finisher that requires little skill and is also easy on the joints similar to the Assault Bike. However, the time domain here is a little bit longer with regards to the level of intensity and as a result will focus more on muscular endurance as it will require aerobic capacity to complete this row. The world record in this event is just over a minute and the fastest I have seen at Invictus is 1:14 by Mister Aussie Steve. He is a world renowned paddler and deserves a massive shout out as he is an absolute legend in his own right. Bravo Stevo!!!

Finisher 4: Grab a buddy and perform 3 x 100 meter Sled Sprints
(In an I go, you go fashion)

Goal: Full Effort is Full Victory

Give everything you have when it is your turn and then rest and help to cheer on your training buddy while they go. Strive to smile in the face of adversity.

Finisher 5: Midline Madness

Goal: Abs on Abs

The midline is often used for flexion and extension, but at its core (pun intended) the function of the midline is to provide stability and act as a bridge between the upper and lower body. Check out the blog post – Tight Hips? Try Planking – for more on this.

Perform a 3-minute plank without allowing your butt to shoot up to the sky or your hips to sag towards the ground. The goal is unbroken however as with anything, please modify accordingly by doing shorter sets to achieve the 3 minutes. Focus on short breaths so as to not change shape of the midline during the 3 minutes and try to keep your shoulders stacked over the elbows with the forearms parallel to one another.

I love this fat burning finisher because it epitomizes the fact that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You will have sweat dripping off your face and making puddles on the floor.

Try adding these fat burning finishers in to your training to help stay lean during the holidays, and keep your mind and body primed to conquer the unknown. Have fun, be safe, and happy holidays!

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