It’s either HELL YEAH or NO
Written by Holden Rethwill

While listening to two of my favorite podcasts I came across a couple of quotes that really resonated with me. The first of the two quotes was, “Do things that make you forget to eat and poop.” Kind of creates an interesting image in your mind, right? All jokes aside, this quote really did get me thinking. How are we spending our time, is it benefitting us, and are we truly invested in the things we’re doing? This then ties into the second quote I came across which was, “If you’re not saying ‘HELL YES’ about something, then you should be saying ‘No’”.

I’m sure all of us have been involved in something at some point in our lives where we get so excited about what we’re doing, or so focused on what we’re doing that hours go by until we realize ‘oh shoot I’m starving’. If you haven’t been here, keep reading because this post is definitely for you.

These two quotes fall into the same category. Establishing our why. Why are we investing our precious time in certain areas of life? There are millions of options out there for us, are the things we’re investing this time so important that we’re forgetting to eat (Ok, this might be a little dramatic but you get the point behind it)? Or, are we just mindlessly moving through our day never really establishing a purpose for what we’re doing?

Deep, I know. Let’s lighten it up just a little bit by tying this seemingly overwhelming topic into our fitness goals.

We all come to the gym to be in shape, to be healthy, and even to look good naked. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But we as coaches want to know what’s the true why behind everyone’s story? We’ve all got our own paths, and everyone has their own reasons for where they’re at, but in order to get a better understanding of the individual and their true needs, it’s essential for us as coaches/friends/mentors to know the true root of it all.

Here’s an awesome example…we had a prospective member come in the other day to talk with our staff. He told us his story of how his back had been a mess for years, painful to the point where the most minute tasks ticked it off. Fast forward to when he has a baby boy and thusly insert his new ‘why’. He signed up for a membership on the spot. This individual wanted to make sure that he could be the best dad possible. He wanted to make sure he can always lift up and hold his son. He wanted to make sure that nothing health related would ever get in the way of that. A ‘why’ like that puts him in the ‘HELL YES’ category. He’s now fully invested because he’s saying ‘HELL YES’ to the reason for changing his life.

Do the things that you’re prioritizing your life fall into the HELL YES category for you? Or are they just things you’ve fallen into with little true purpose behind them? Regardless of your answer, I’d encourage you to evaluate your reasons behind whatever endeavors you partake in. Whether it be fitness related, work related, or just life related, I hope these two quotes will resonate with some of you as they did with me.

If you’re struggling to develop or determine a why, please reach out to any of us at Invictus for a sit-down or phone call. Our goal as coaches is to make each and every one of you a happier, healthier, and better version of yourself. You could say that’s our ‘why’ behind the reason we do what we do.

I’ll leave you with some food for thought. If I were to ask you to tell me your name, and for you to tell me your purpose in life in one sentence, what would you say?

For me, my name is Holden Rethwill and my purpose in life is to serve the community by empowering them with the tools to have fun while becoming better versions of themselves.

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