Don’t Fall Victim to Stealthy Sugar
Written by Michele Vieux

I quit drinking coffee a year and a half ago, but I still like to treat myself from time to time. On a recent trip to the grocery store on a warm day, I decided it would be nice to enjoy a venti iced coffee from the Starbucks inside. There were a couple of people in line so naturally I was totally spacing out and was staring at the menu and I noticed that the iced coffee I was about to order had 170 calories from carbs!

I was hoping it was a mistake and the nutritional information which was listed was for the sweet iced coffee. Alas, it was not. Upon my scrutinizing, the kid behind the counter sheepishly admitted that they put simple syrup (a heaping teaspoon of sugar worth) into the UNSWEETENED iced coffee! No wonder I found them so tasty. How many times had I ordered one of these? I have unknowingly consumed at least 100 heaping teaspoons of sugar, the very substance I try desperately to avoid!

Now I am an avid label reader, in the case that I do purchase something with a label, but it never occurred to me that I would need to be in this case. This just goes to show that anyone can fall victim to stealthy sugar doses. It makes me wonder what other mistakes I have been oblivious to.

To lessen your chances of becoming a victim:

  • Make your own meals including all condiments and sauces. Only use the good stuff.
  • If you purchases packaged foods, read the label and learn to recognize all the names of sugar and other undesired ingredients. Also read the labels of your supplements and post-workout recovery, etc.
  • Check menus online before dining at a restaurant and decide on your order before arriving. Ask questions if necessary. Many restaurants are sensitive to gluten allergies and the desire to switch out starchy sides for veggies.
  • Order dishes without sauces and dressings or order them on the side so you can test it before it is slathered all over your food.

Be vigilant . . . stealthy sugars are everywhere!