Invictus San Diego, In-House Masters Athletes – Sam Dancer and Jenn Ryan – are both CrossFit Games Bound after some amazing performances at their online qualifiers this past weekend. Currently, Sam sits atop the Men’s 35-39 leaderboard and Jenn is holding onto 7th place in the Women’s 40-44 age group.

There were many highlights during the weekend of grueling workouts including Sam’s world record time on Workout 1 and Jenn “F’n” Ryan’s impressive 2nd place finish on Workout 4. That’s 1st and 2nd place in the whole wide world!

Sam and Jenn have both been Invictus Athletes for many years and have competed for Invictus Games teams in the past. Jenn has previously qualified for Games as a Masters Athlete and this is the first year that Sam has competed in the Masters Division. What an impressive showing for both of our athletes at AGOC and congratulations on making it once again to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin!

Learn more about the Invictus Masters program and our line-up of Invictus Athlete online programs!

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