Creating Experiences – An Invictus Mindset Podcast Sneak Peek into The Honor Foundation
Interview by Bryce Smith

Today we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek at the Invictus Mindset Podcast, which officially launches November 23rd on Apple Podcasts. The Invictus Mindset Podcast is an exploration into the minds and lives of tremendously successful people and their stories that we can all learn from. It is an experience where we dive into the thoughts, actions, and experiences of our guests and embark on an adventure of discovery and unlocking of our true human potential by utilizing the lessons learned, the relationships made, and the actionable tips shared.

Invictus + The Honor Foundation

One team that we have been forming for almost two years here at Invictus is between us and The Honor Foundation. We are excited to welcome their Fellows into our group classes and we’ve been stoked to receive team training for our staff at their headquarters here in San Diego. The interview featured in this post is with the Foundation’s founder, Joe Musselman, a former member of our Invictus Sorrento Valley location. 

For more on our partnership with the Honor Foundation and an awesome mental exercise to help find your “Why”, check out: 

Invictus + The Honor Foundation

The three-month program at The Honor Foundation encompasses an extensive curriculum to include 120 hours of executive-style education coupled with coaching, mentorship, opportunities to experience various company cultures and industries and other resources to assist in the transition process of the Fellows and their families. THF is committed to providing an executive MBA-like experience, with the Fellows immersed in a program heavily focused on career and leadership assessments, self-discovery, professional development, and executive education.

“The Veteran” Workout

This Veteran’s Day, November 11 – we will be running this workout at all Invictus locations and in online programs. “The Veteran” workout is designed to be challenging, but accessible for various ability levels and requires minimal equipment. The goal is to get as many people to participate and pay their respects as possible. Accordingly, it is structured in four levels, all of which can be performed at a regular 60-minute training sessions around the world.

Want to Do More for Our Vets?

Join us with a financial contribution to an organization of your choice if you are able! We have elected to support The Honor Foundation. We encourage you to join our team and donate whatever amount makes the most sense for you. Click “Register” and “Join A Team”. Our team name is “Invictus Fitness”.

Veteran’s Day Tribute Fundraising Page

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