Congratulations to Our Member of the Month – James Charles!

If you haven’t met James yet, just show up to the 4:30 or 5:30 class and wait until you meet the nicest person ever (to help: he has a beard and a big smile on his face at all times). James was introduced to CrossFit after seeing the workout “Chelsea” in a magazine and decided to give it a try. “Chelsea” is definitely not a workout that we’d recommend for beginners, but James didn’t shy away from the challenge. His background in the military as well as his constant positive attitude suit him well in mentally (and physically) grueling workouts.

We love James because there’s no such thing as a stranger and he loves being a part of the Invictus community. He makes an effort to talk to everyone, partner up with different people, cheer on his classmates during workouts, and lend a helping hand in putting others’ equipment away. James’ positive energy is contagious to the coaches and the rest of the members in his class. He wholeheartedly embodies what the CrossFit community is about, and is the type of person that makes a gym like Invictus feel like a family.

James is a pleasure to work with as a coach because of his genuine, hard working nature. He not only takes coaching cues and implements them in the moment, he takes time outside of class to continue working on what he has learned. If you peek around the corner before or after class, he’s usually refining his movement and practicing his skills. Not only is James extremely coachable, he is also one of the most humble individuals you will meet. This southern boy even says, “yes ma’am, thank you” after receiving a coaching cue.

On the weekends this time of year, you can find James watching his Georgia Bulldogs play some football. Thanks for being such a shining example in our community, James!