I Can Clean it but I Just Can’t Stand it Up
Video by Hunter Britt

Do you find yourself being able to clean a weight but not be able to get out of the hole with it? This could be due to a number of reasons but if you know that you are strong enough to be able to squat that weight but just can’t manage it in a clean, it’s likely technique you should examine.

In this video, Invictus Athlete Coach, Hunter Britt, talks about the three most common technique issues he sees when people just can’t stand it up.

Vertical Bar Path

The bar should move straight down and up once you receive it otherwise you are using extra energy and losing speed when you have to fight the weight or make corrections. Make sure that you attempt to receive the weight in as close to your normal front squat position as possible and give yourself your regular cues to make sure you are in position and that the bar moves vertically.

Make sure the catch is smooth or else you will be thrown off and it will be hard to recover. If the bar crashes down on your shoulders, it will bounce around and move off it’s vertical line, causing you to cave forward and costing you energy.

Press Against Your Belt

Focus on creating pressure between the belt and your waist, especially as you hit the bottom of your receiving position. By doing this, you maintain your solid brace and energy instead of collapsing and letting it escape out the sides of the belt.

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