Q&A: Caloric Adjustments During Social Distancing 
Written by Jenn Ryan

This might be THE best time to focus on your approach to nutrition in regards to quality and quantity. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll talk about some of the big questions we’ve been receiving from you all. 

Whether it be not having your regular groceries on hand, not knowing how to adjust for your activity level, or if you don’t want to stress about it, we’ve got you covered in regards to what changes to consider making and how to approach the upcoming weeks.

Social Distancing Nutrition Question

Q: How should I adjust my caloric intake since I’m not as active during this time?

A: This will depend on what your previous intake amount was, and how you allotted those calories. If you were eating a higher carbohydrate diet because you were working out more often, lifting heavy, or volume/intensity was higher, then you may want to bring calories down by 150-200/day in the form of carbohydrates. This would be used if you are now performing fewer workouts or doing only bodyweight workouts instead of any resistance training. Try to make as many of your calories as possible come from micronutrient-dense foods which will provide your body with vitamins and minerals, and promote a healthy immune system. 

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